There has been a lot of commotion about fracking, and a growing presence of anti-fracking advocates and fracking protests. Well, what exactly does fracking involve and why is it so bad?

What the Frack?

Mark Ruffalo explains that fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a process used to release natural gas that is trapped deep down in shale bedrocks. The process involves pumping in a high pressure liquid made up of water and 590 different chemicals which creates tons of cracks (and small earthquakes) in the rock to release the gas. The chemicals then trickle into drinking water sources and have caused several wells to explode into flames. In addition to this poising of the water system, fracking uses seven million gallons of water!

Frack? No!

Mark Ruffalo, along with many New York anti-fracking advocates came together to stop the destruction of their natural water sources. They pushed for a one year moratorium on fracking in New York, and despite the clout of the gas companies, won the support of their senators and successfully passed the bill. Now they are pushing to go further, to stop fracking for good, not only in New York, but all other places threatened by its abusive land-use. You too can take a stand against fracking, either as a representative of your state (if fracking is a threat there) or as a global citizen.