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PEPULIH - Indonesia Community

PEPULIH - Indonesia Community Community Photo
  • Location: Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Community Since: Apr, 2004
  • Size: 20 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

PEPULIH is an association that was established on April 22nd, 2004 with some concerned people on the sustainability of environment condition in Jakarta City area.

PEPULIH aims to gather and link individuals and groups without any discrimination, to actively participate and work together on maintaining urban environment conditions so as to give a healthy, secure and well managed environment for the future. PEPULIH is taking an active part in implementing awareness and socialization of the “green lifestyle” in the big city for the future sustainability of the ecosystem.

One of the main principles of Pepulih is that concern for the environment is based on God’s mandate to all humankind.

Working through a series of workshops, seminars, PEPULIH has strengthened and enlightened many people about environmental friendly culture.

Our Mission

To spread awareness in the community to take care and protect the natural resources through sustainability, environmental education and human resources capacity building.

To promote understanding and methods of approaches to help the sustainability of natural resources.

To facilitate individuals and groups who are committed to share knowledge and practical methods so as to increase management capacity on the sustainability of natural resources.

The Areas This Community Includes

Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi

Our Community Story

In May 2011 while staying at the Green Mountain Monastery in Vermount, USA for 6 months, Amelia Hendani, sgm. encountered for the first time the ATD Symposium and was very much impressed by the program. I felt the importance of spreading the program to farther places. Along with our plan to do a trip to Asia, particularly to India, Indonesia and the Philippines, we decided to include ATD as part of our program in sharing our ministry of Healing Earth and its life systems. 

In one of the sessions in Jakarta, Amelia Hendani, met Peter Subagyo, OMI,  who is part of Pepulih, an organization whose programs are trying to build ecological awareness of people particularly in urban areas. He found that the ATD symposium is a great program and made it a part of Pepulih's program.
On April 2012, Pepulih sponsored an ATD Symposium and after that we prepared some people to be ATD Facilitators. We did some of the translation revisions of the videos. Finally on April 2013, we did an internal Facilitator Training.

Our Community Activities

Working through a series of workshops, seminars, media publications, PEPULIH  has enlightened many young and older people about an environmental friendly culture. Some of the activities as listed below:
• Domestic waste management 
• Medicinal plants agriculture
• Green school education to basic, elementary, high school and academic level
• Exhibitions of waste management and recycling materials

As a community we've met every wednesday, usualy in central jakarta but sometimes in Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang or Depok.