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Pachamama Romania

Pachamama Romania Community Photo
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Community Since: Apr, 2011
  • Size: 40 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

We strongly believe that everybody has their own path in life, and if we listen to this call and joyfully respond to it, we can help each other and our planet too, which is a wonderful being that sustains us all.. We believe that each and every one of us is blessed with the gift of creativity, which helps us reach interior balance and also change the world around us for the better. Be creative, be responsible!

We promote Romania as a country where everything blossoms, where we cherish the treasure of biodiversity. Did you know that Romania is the European country with the largest biodiversity? And also probably the country that protects less its nature. It is our most precious inheritance, and we want to remind you of this by promoting the rights of nature through our acknowledging programs. We dream of a country that lives in harmony with the environment and where everyone has the chance to follow this dream.

Our Mission

The Pachamama Association proudly and heartily takes upon itself the mission to educate and inspire people from all over the world so that they can create together a beautiful, sustainable world. It is time to work TOGETHER and to help each other. It is only with team work that we can achieve anything.

The cleansing of the mind and spirit can be done by cleansing our body first. A healthy diet, lots of exercise, which helps us get rid of the toxins that pollute our mind and body by making us feel isolated and selfish, are the first steps to the big Change. Be the change that you want to see in the world!


The Areas This Community Includes

Our Community is mainly located in Bucharest and in Cluj. 

Our Community Story

NOV 2007 - Alexandra Postelnicu attended the Symposium at Spirit Rock, in San Rafael, California.  "During the symposium, I felt how my soul was looking for some more. I then realized that I was interested not only in individual healing (psychology, meditation techniques), but I was also interested in healing others and the planet. I realized that I was interested not only in individual healing (this is the reason for my studying biology, psychology, meditation techniques), but I was also interested in healing others and the planet."

JAN 2011 – Alexandra met Carmen Marin, a talented painter and author of the Pachamama Romania logo. Alexandra met Valeria van Groningen, the organizer of the Bucharest International Marathon,who promotes the Pachamama Association during these events.
MAY 2011- Alexandra meets Lili David  and Andrei Lurioaia and start the 4YEAR GO project.
SEPTEMBER 2011 – On Saint Mary’s day, the supreme mother of love and compassion, the Pachamama Romania NGO was formed.

Our Community Activities

  • "Awakening the Dreamer" Symposium: every month, or every 2 months
  • Generation Waking Up: every month in Bucharest, the Capital, or in other cities of Romania
  • Promote the RIGHTS OF NATURE EUROPEAN MOVEMENT, and also the Rights of Mother Earth petition. 
  • Workshops on Healthy Life Style (Raw Food, Meditation, Power of Imagination) - Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
  • FUNDRASING EVENTS - for children in endangered areas (Rosia Montana is threatened by cynide).


Additional Information

The Key concept of the association:
Personal change through the trilogy

"I think that if people apply this trilogy, they will feel fulfilled and the community will also be stronger, these being two essential aspects of building a sustainable world.”

Rights of Nature:
Pachamama Romania is also involved in promoting Rights of Nature, and we are comminted in bringing the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth into the Romanian law.