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Sonoma Community Photo
  • Location: Sonoma County, CA, California, United States
  • Community Since: Aug, 2015
  • Size: 5 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome dreamers, we are the Sonoma Pachamama Allinace Community. Our goal as a community is empower both the people that identify themselves as part of our Pachamama Alliance community and the rest of our sonoma community in our journey of creating a thriving, just and fulfilling human presence on the planet. We are people with a shared purpose of creating positive change in our community, we support each other, and we facilitate others waking up to the possibility of a better world. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to change the course of human society. We're the people we've been waiting for, let's get in gear and be the change that is needed in the world.

The Areas This Community Includes

We want to represent all of Sonomoa County. Currently we have member in Sebastopol and Rhonert Park.

Our Community Story

Caitlin and Winston have been facilitators for 9 years and were really involved in the Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance Community, but moved down to Sonoma in early 2015 to David's house. David is also a facilitator and Caitlin pushed for us to put together a symposium. Then during the summer of 2015 the Pachamama Alliance office put Audra in contact with Winston and Caitlin, because they were all new to the area and involved in the Pachamama Alliance Community. Once we met we quickly realized that we wanted to start an official Pachamama Alliance Community so that we could have a good container for all of our energy and bring more people in for the ride.

Our Community Activities

We meet once a month for an action circle. It's a potluck event outside of Sebastopol at Winston, Caitlin and David's house. We don't have a set agenda for these meetings, but see them as a place to connect with people that have a shared purpose and to plan any events or actions that we want to do.

We also facilitate symposiums in our community and support people along the Up to Us Engagement Pathway.