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Pachamama Community of Wisconsin "WI CAN"

Pachamama Community of Wisconsin
  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
  • Community Since: Aug, 2012
  • Size: 150 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

From no community early in 2012 to multiple Symposiums throughout the state, and two Facilitator's Trainings; we are expanding with enthusiasm and inspiration.  We are delighting in meeting each other, establishing bonds and working together on symposiums, sharing information and networking as we continue to evolve.  It is an exciting time, building consciousness and connecting with the web of Oneness throughout Wisconsin.

Our Mission

Our Intention is to deepen our (participants') understanding of our Oneness; our connectedness with each other and every thing.  With that understanding, to feel inspired to work together, transforming our human presence on this planet as thriving, sustainable, just and spiritually fulfilling.

The Areas This Community Includes

WI CAN is the Pachamama community in Wisconsin.  Currently there are sub-communities in Appleton, Madison, McFarland, Milwaukee, Watertown, Kewauskum, Waupaca, and Racine. Participants range from all around the state.

Our Community Story

We began like imaginal cells...all compelled to bring Awakening the Dreamer to our local communities, at approximately the same time.  Through common connections with the Minneapolis group, and the Pachamama mother site, we were connected with each other, initally online, now in person as we help each other with our events.  It has been marvelous to find 'family' in each other, all kindred spirits, one.  There have been many symposiums, since we started in 2012, and two facilitator trainings in 2013.  We have grown from a few to over 40 trained facilitators throughout the state!

Our Community Activities

We are organizing monthly community gatherings in Milwaukee.
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