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Marin Pachamama Community

Marin Pachamama Community Community Photo
  • Location: Marin, California, United States
  • Community Since: Dec, 2005
  • Size: 60 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

We were one of the first "Awakening the Dreamer" symposium communities to be formed and have expanded to include anyone in Marin County who is connected to the Pachamama Alliance!  We have been quite active over the years and hold regularly scheduled meetings which include a variety of activities - guest speakers, films, interesting discussions and social events.  In recent years, we have reached out to partner with similar organizations on important initiatives like Move to Amend, Citizen's Climate Lobby, Action Circles, Marin Clean Energy, Resilient Neighborhoods, and more.  The "Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums" continue to be an important offerings in our region.  We enjoy our interactions as an active Pachamama Alliance "Community" so we encourage you to join us!

The Areas This Community Includes

The Pachamama Marin Community includes anyone who lives in Marin County or anywhere else in California who has a connection to the Pachamama Alliance. We are an "open" group and welcome anyone who would like to join us in fulfilling the mission of the Pachamama Alliance!

Our Community Story

The Marin community started in December 2005 when Iris Gold, Steve Katz, and Mark Bachelder attended the first Symposium in SF.  Along with a few others, they formed “Marin Ecozoic” which was the first hosting group for ATD in Marin.  Their first Symposium in May 2006 drew 125 people and brought in a number of new Marin team members.  Eventually the group evolved into the Marin ATD team with coordinators including Vinit Allen and Gary Topper. Several years ago, the team’s membership expanded to include others connected to the Pachamama Alliance in the Marin area which continues to grow.  With coordiators coming and going over the years, the team currently led by Barb Galyen and Mark Bachelder collaborates with like-minded organizations to fulfill the mission of the Pachamama Alliance.

Our Community Activities

Regular meetings, communiity collaborations, and social activities take place each year.  The Marin meetings take place in several different locations so watch for event postings on the map.