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Seven Generations (Japan)

Seven Generations (Japan) Community Photo
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan, Japan
  • Community Since: Apr, 2009
  • Size: 200 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

“Seven Generations” comes from Native Americans' way of making decisions that says that decisions should be made considering the consequences over seven generations. It also has a meaning of generating seven creations; awareness, wisdom, interconnectedness, possibility, behavior, courage and hope. Through our activities considering seven generations ahead of us and generating these seven creations, we aim to hand a sustainable and just world over to future generations.

Our Mission

We cultivate the community for awaking global citizens in order to achieve a sustainable and just future.

We cherish 7 values:

1. People

2. Interconnectedness

3. Dialogue

4. Process

5. Openness

6. Question

7. Embodiment

The Areas This Community Includes

All over Japan. We are currently active in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hanshin area, so we welcome those people who are in other areas.

Our Community Story

Hidetake Enomoto introduced the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium to Japan, but it took great effort because he had to translate all of the ATD Materials. He accomplished this with his team called Pachamama Angels and created the nonprofit organization "Seven Generations" in April 2009.

In June 2009, the first facilitator training was held, welcoming Tracy Apple as training leader together with Hidetake Enomoto and 32 Japanese facilitators, who were born as "Fu-Fu".

Consequently, in October 2009, the second Facilitator Training was held as "Oneness", and the third in November 2010 as "77". At this time, a training for Training Leaders was also held and seven (wow, seven!) Japanese Training Leaders were born.

In March 2010, Seven Generations was authenticated as a Specified Nonprofit Organization by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

We have continued to offer events so that we now have 200 facilitators in Japan! 

Our Community Activities

As well as giving Awakening the Dreamer symposiums and training facilitators, we see our organization as a container to connect and hold various kinds of initiatives that are in line with our mission.

One major initiative in 2012 was to gather and bring Japanese citizens' voices of "Future We Want" to Rio+20. We preceded this with Earthsummit 2012 Japan and gathered around 2000 Japanese voices. We presented them in Rio+20 and also held dialogue with people from Fukushima and Brazilian people at the People's Summit.



Additional Information

We issue a mail magazine that is called "New Moon News Letter" (only in Japanese). If you'd like to subscribe, please visit the website and fill in the application form.