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Be the Change Australia

Be the Change Australia Community Photo
  • Location: Australia
  • Community Since: Jul, 2006
  • Size: 8000 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

Be The Change Australia is a national community of volunteers who lead Pachamama programs in all capital cities and many regional areas of Australia.  Contact details of our state and program coordinators can be found here.

Our Mission

The purpose of Be The Change Australia is to educate, inspire and empower individuals, organisations and communities on the path to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.

We do this through harnessing the catalytic capacity of the 'Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’ Symposium Initiative across Australia, and by building a connected passionate community of people who stand for this vision.

Be The Change supports Symposium events, Symposium Leader Trainings, Generation Waking Up Youth Program, Jump Up Primary School Program and other aligned activities around Australia.

The Areas This Community Includes

Communities in all capital cities and many regional areas in Australia. If you would like to find out what's happening in your geographic area, please contact the relevant state or program coordinator.

Our Community Story

Australia was the third country to launch the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Initiative (after the US in May 2005 and the UK early 2006). The first Symposiums were held in Melbourne (October 2006) and Sydney (November 2006).  The first facilitator training was held in January 2007. 

This last 7 years has been a most inspiring time as more and more people participated in the Symposium, and were empowered to be and act consistent with bringing forth a sustainable, just and thriving future for our world.  Communities expanded all over Australia, and the Generation Waking Up Youth program and Jump Up Primary School program expanded and energised our educational offerings.

Concurrently Be The Change Australia has provided the administrative and financial foundation for these inspiring educational programs.

Our communities grow organically, we warmly welcome new members who are seeking support in their desire to "be the change they wish to see in the world".


Our Community Activities

If you would like to find out what's happening in your geographic area, please contact the state or program coordinator.