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Be the Change Initiative - Germany

Be the Change Initiative - Germany Community Photo
  • Location: Freiburg, Germany, Germany
  • Community Since: Apr, 2009
  • Size: 130 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

We are a group of a little over 100 Facilitators, growing very fast, and spread over Austria, Germany and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland and Italy. We managed to translate the Symposium, the videos, some other workshops and training materials into German language. In addition to spreading the Symposium, we bring the Wake-Up into schools and we reach the business parts of our society. Since 2012 we are running a successful business program called Re:vision   which presents workshops all over Europe.


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to build and deepen the connections in our community, which will allow us to powerfully influence the consciousness of society.

The Areas This Community Includes

Austria, Germany and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland and Northern-Italy.

Our Community Story

In the Spring of 2009 Vivian Dittmar and Malte Sohre decided to be Facilitators, after noticing the Pachamama Alliance in the web. They hadn’t yet experience the Symposium, but felt a strong call to join. The network of the Höllbachhof community made it possible to translate the symposium and set up the first Facilitator Training in Germany within 3 months. Since then we’ve had 5 Facilitator Trainings on the Höllbachhof with people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Rumania, Sweden, Norway and Israel. In 2010 the BTC program in Germany has been awarded the Decade Project of the UNESCO.

Our Community Activities

We are working on strengthening the community of Facilitators and growing it, building regional groups and action circles. We are trying to reach into schools, businesses and create relationships with other existing networks.

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