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12/06 Tracy Apple $100
12/17 donna luckey $50
12/28 Mike Carney $300
01/07 Caitlin Oreilly $100
12/28 Jen Velden $50
12/28 Peter Hallett $50
12/15 Anna DeQuaine $25
12/15 Katie Thomas $50
12/15 Eric Jensen $50
12/15 Joe Bako $100
11/21 Priscilla Knox $100
11/22 Ann Boren $500
12/28 Catherine Parrish $100
12/28 Cass & Mike Chlipale... $100
12/31 Abigail Faust $100
12/31 Rachel McGraw $75
01/01 Sarah Steinberg $50
01/01 Ian Andersen $500
12/26 Claudia Sandoval $50
12/26 Patrick Huibregtse $100
02/27 Ian Andersen $500
12/28 Anonymous $500
12/28 Colt Fulk $300
12/15 Joshua Wolf $25
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12/18 Bert Carney $50
12/15 Mark Bachelder $50
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12/06 Linda Curtis $100
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12/04 Peter Baum $25
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12/31 Peter Vidani $100
12/30 Corinne Bako $25
12/28 Matt Carney $50
11/16 Harrison Taylor $50
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Tracy Apple donated $100

My hero!~ I so wish it could be more.

donna luckey donated $50

Dan, such an inspiration, keep pedaling!

Jen Velden donated $50

Sending love and support from Wisconsin!

Eric Jensen donated $50

ride that bike!

Priscilla Knox donated $100

Go Dan! This is major!

Ann Boren donated $500

Ride on for a great cause!

Catherine Parrish donated $100

Yay! You are inspiring Dan and Pachamama Alliance is a great investment in the future of our planet!

Abigail Faust donated $100

You rule dan!!

Ian Andersen donated $500

Nice work Dan! I've also put in a request for Microsoft to match my donation. It'll probably come through some other form.

Claudia Sandoval donated $50


Colt Fulk donated $300

Keep up all the hard brother!

Joshua Wolf donated $25

Ride, Dan, ride!

Mark Bachelder donated $50

Go, man go - Game On!

Courtney Nikolay donated $50

I am going to get this matched, too! :)

Linda Curtis donated $100

Way to go, Dan!!!!!

Cait Steiner donated $20

Woohoo! Go Dan!!!

Anonymous donated $200


Nigel Bennett donated $100

Go Danny go

Peter Baum donated $25

Ride safely!

Melissa Trimble donated $20

Go Dan Go!

Peter Vidani donated $100

Go Dan!

Matt Carney donated $50


Harrison Taylor donated $50


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Hi everyone, Dan here. I’m biking 1,000 miles between now and the end of the year to raise $10,000 for Pachamama Alliance. 1,000 miles is about three to four times the distance of the bike tour I did last summer PLUS I will be doing all of this biking before and after work and on the weekends. For reference 1,000 miles is the distance from San Francisco to Vancouver BC. That’s on average 142 miles per week. Every week. From now until December 31st at 11:59pm.

Here are the reasons why I do not want to do this fundraiser right now:

    1. Work is very busy right now
    2. It gets dark out early
    3. It’s chilly af out there (Midwest friends: please don’t give me too much grief)
    4. For me the holidays are all about relaxing and hanging with friends and family

With that said, here is why I AM doing this fundraiser:

Pachamama Alliance is rolling out some truly incredible work and I want to raise funds to support it. In particular, we’ve rolled out a new course that deals with reversing climate change (using Paul Hawken’s Drawdown material).

A couple weeks ago I did a Pachamama Alliance introduction to Drawdown course and it was amazing. It uses Paul Hawken’s Drawdown book, which details 80 solutions for not only slowing down global warming but actually reversing it. These aren’t far-fetched ideas, all of the technology/practices exist now and we just need to scale them. The impact it had on me was changing my relationship with climate change. Before I thought that essentially it was too late to turn things around. But, this course showed me that it is possible for us to get back on track. My want is that everyone gets exposed to this incredible new research

I want to raise funds so that more people can access this incredible material about reversing climate change and get motivated to work on one or more of the solutions. I invite you to support me in my 1,000 mile bike ride fundraiser to raise $10,000 for Pachamama Alliance. Thank you!!

Oh man, what did I just do…. Here we go!

About Pachamama Alliance

The mission of Pachamama Alliance is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

Protecting the Amazon Rainforest

Since 1997 we have worked in partnership with indigenous people to attain permanent protected status of the sacred headwaters region of the Amazon basin in southern Ecuador and northern Peru, an area of pristine tropical rainforest recognized as containing the highest levels of biodiversity in the entire Amazon basin and possibly the world.

Our initial efforts provided legal and technical expertise to strengthen indigenous self-governance so they could preserve their lands and cultures, including mapping, land titling, and sustainable economic development.

Today, we provide ongoing support to five indigenous nationalities by funding trainings, workshops, administrative support, and special assemblies where indigenous groups can come together to discuss their constitutional rights and define their work to defend their territories from oil and other extractive industries.

At the request of our indigenous partners, we began to bring visitors from the modern world to the rainforest with our Pachamama Journeys program, offering a direct experience of Achuar wisdom and Pachamama Alliance’s vision. These journeys supported—and continue to support—ecotourism projects in Achuar territory, creating economic alternatives beyond selling land to oil companies.

Changing the Dream of the Modern World

To further protect the lands and cultures of the Amazon rainforest, our indigenous partners requested that we work to “change the dream of the modern world”—shifting the culture of separation and overconsumption to a culture that honors and sustains life.

In response to that request, Pachamama Alliance expanded its work to include bringing forth a new dream: an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

To do this, Pachamama Alliance created the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium as well as the other offerings on the Up to Us engagement pathway—a set of programs designed to equip people with vision, commitment, tools, resources, and community to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

These programs are designed to wake people up to the most critical issues of our time; pierce through apathy, resignation, and hopelessness; and inspire, educate and connect people, empowering them to become part of a community working together for game-changing solutions to achieve a new dream for humanity.