Be the foundation of our work

Become a sustainable major donor of the Pachamama Alliance with a 5-year commitment of $1000 or more. Your ongoing gift supports our mission year after year.

Join a Giving Community

Choose from two five-year giving programs where you can commit to directing your resources toward sustainability, justice and a thriving future for all life on Earth.

Stewardship Circle

Stewardship Circle

Members commit to giving $5,000 or more annually.
Vision Keeper

Vision Keeper

Members commit to giving gifts between $1,000 and $4,999 annually.

A Unique Partnership

Pachamama Alliance is unique: we were founded in response to the Achuar people’s request for allies in the global North who would work to change the behaviors and beliefs of modern society that threaten our collective existence.

Your support, like our work, exists only by virtue of this sacred request; together, we honor the promise we made to the Achuar over twenty years ago to work in partnership for the preservation of life itself.

Align your resources with your deepest values

Taking a powerful stand for the future is possible regardless of financial circumstances. Money is a conduit for intentions rather than just a reflection of wealth or status.

3 Toxic Money Myths

  • 1
    There is not enough
  • 3
    More is better
  • 3
    That's just the way it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it

Become a Vision Keeper

Hold the vision of a new future for humanity. As a Vision Keeper, you embody your commitment with a five-year pledge, carrying it forward to future generations.

Enter an amount to give for 5 years

Vision Keeper Impact Since 2016

  • Global Commons community
    Launched and grew our Global Commons online community, connecting members from over 80 countries
  • Educational Programs delivery
    Delivered our transformational educational programs in over 120 countries in 18 languages by over 5,000 volunteer facilitators
  • Pachamama Alliance commmunity map
    Established and supported Pachamama Alliance Communities in 28 countries
  • Ikiama Nukuri group
    Served over 1,200 indigenous women (and counting) through Ikiama Nukuri, a maternal and newborn health program operating in over 75 Achuar communities in Ecuador
My Vision Keeper commitment allows me to engage all parts of me—my head, heart/spirit, and action—for the purpose we’re all committed to: achieving a sustainable world.
Deborah Stern
Deborah Stern
Vision Keeper since 2016
It’s my privilege as a Stewardship Circle member to directly support the Achuar and other Ecuadorian tribes protecting and preserving the spirit of all life. I believe our future is inextricably bound up with their future.
Molly Reno
Molly Reno
Stewardship Circle member since 2017
As climate change worsens and threatens our existence, Pachamama Alliance is my bright light and solace in these dark times. That’s why I decided to commit to a 5 year pledge.
Eva Angell
Karen Diggs
Vision Keeper since 2016

Become a Stewardship Circle Member

As a Stewardship Circle member, you join a community dedicated to the long-term protection of the Amazon rainforest. You understand that what happens to the Amazon happens to all of us.

Enter an amount to give for 5 years

Stewardship Circle Impact Since 2000

  • 8 million acres preserved
    Protected 8 million acres of rainforest in Ecuador which remain free of oil development and extractive activities
  • Mapping Shuar, Achuar, and Shiwiar territory
    The Achuar, Shuar, and Shiwiar people mapped their territory and gained legal title to their land
  • Pachamama Alliance Journeys
    Guided groups of people on Pachamama Alliance Journeys to the Ecuadorian rainforest for over 15 years
  • Pachamama transformational programs
    Developed a full suite transformational educational programs, the most recent being a program to engage participants in actions that will reverse global warming, based on the work of Project Drawdown