Game Changer Intensive

The Game Changer Intensive is a unique online course that will inspire you and equip you to become a game-changing leader in the world.

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What does it mean to “change the game?”

At this tumultuous time in human history, it has become increasingly clear that the game is rigged, and that political, economic and social systems across the globe are set up to benefit the few at the cost the many. Politics has been corrupted by the power of money; the economic system has created vast economic inequality; and racism and sexism still plague almost every sector of society. To change the game, what’s needed is for a critical mass of citizens to step up, individually and collectively. The Game Changer Intensive is a powerful training program that catalyzes both the inner and outer resources needed—who we need to be and what we need to do—to engage in effective action in the world.

Over an eight-week period, Intensive participants delve into a wealth of carefully-curated resources—videos, readings, and activities—delivered on a platform that allows you to explore the course content on your own schedule and interact with others in lively online discussions. You can also participate in weekly conversations with a small group of learning partners and join in web gatherings with all participants at the beginning and end of the course.

In the Intensive you will:

  • Learn at home, online, and on your schedule, with a compelling curriculum aimed at both personal and planetary transformation.
  • Delve into the issues of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment (the focus of the Awakening the Dreamer course).
  • Ground yourself in the wisdom and knowledge of great visionaries of our time, as well as clarify your own role in changing the game.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people across the country and the world through online discussions and in facilitated conversations via conference calls.
  • Engage with grassroots movements for change that strike at the root causes of the great challenges of our time.

Overview of the Curriculum

There are two foundational components to the Game Changer Intensive: who do we need to be, and what do we need to do to be effective in changing the game.

Module 1: Introduction to Game Changing

The Game Changer Intensive begins with an examination of the ideas and concepts fundamental to being a game changer—including understanding what is meant by the assertion that “the game is rigged,” and that truly changing the game involves “striking at the root” of our systemic societal problems.

Module 2: The Power of Story

A critical element of changing the game is being aware of and changing the collective cultural story that engulfs us. In this module we come to see that by generating and living into a new story of connection, compassion, and relatedness, the old story of separation and domination begins to lose its power.

Module 3: Evolutionary Activism

This module introduces the powerful concept of “Evolutionary Activism”—human beings taking responsibility for the role we are playing in actually shaping the future evolution of life on Earth.

Module 4: A Case for Grounded Optimism

When you consider the challenges of these times, do you find yourself resigned and in despair, or are you hopeful that a thriving, positive future is possible? This inspiring module presents evidence that a positive future is indeed achievable, and illuminates the critical role of one’s perspective and stand in the matter.

Module 5: The Rigged Game

This moving module looks into systems and structures of injustice that exist throughout society, with a focus on income inequality and institutional racism. Game Changer Intensive participants have a chance to explore how we are all, in one way or another, caught up in the rigged game.

Module 6: Game Changing Movements: Democracy

Understanding that democracy itself is at risk and the crucial work that needs to be done to remove it from the hands of monied interests and corporate power is the work of Module 6. The goal: becoming part of a movement committed to creating a government of, by, and for the people, where the voices of the people are heard.

Module 7: Game Changing Movements: Climate Change

Henry David Thoreau asks, “What’s the use of a fine house if there isn’t a tolerable planet to put it on?” Module 7 addresses the urgent matter of taking action to address climate change, with an emphasis on the game-changing movement to reduce our addiction to fossil fuels.

Module 8: Going Forth

What’s next in becoming effective, active creators of the future? The final Game Changer Intensive module offers a series of inspiring and practical resources including an Action Plan template to support Game Changers as they go forth.