Pass It On

Join with us and other volunteers in your area to be part of the team that ensures that the Up to Us engagement pathway expands its reach and builds a critical mass of conscious, committed leaders in the world.

Become a Leader in the Up to Us Engagement Pathway

Pass It On is a leadership program that supports, inspires and prepares its participants to be leaders who share the messages of the Awakening the Dreamer program and the Game Changer Intensive, to build vibrant local Pachamama Alliance Communities of engaged citizens committed to social justice, environmental sustainability and spiritual fulfillment.

By participating with the Pass It On leadership program, you become a key part of a global community of leaders who are re-imagining, inspiring and building the future we all want.

  • You'll gain a sense of your capacity to make a difference in the world and experience the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the lives of others.
  • You'll contribute to multiplying the impact of the messages and vision of the Awakening the Dreamer program and other elements of the Up to Us engagement pathway.
  • You'll discover the joy of providing others with a new perspective on what's possible for themselves and for the world.
  • You will have access to the resources and training you need to have your voice and actions make a difference in the world.
  • You will belong to a worldwide network of people who are in action together around bringing forth an inspiring new vision for humanity.

Step Into the Role That's Right for You

To match your unique interests, your skills and how you see yourself contributing to this work, we provide several options for participating.

Deliver Symposiums

One key aspect of the Pass It On leadership program is the opportunity to present, produce or host Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums. By bringing Symposiums to your community, you grow the body of people in your area committed to bringing forth a sustainable, fulfilling, and just human presence on this planet. Trainings, an online orientation, and multiple resources are available to assist you, and you can join a support team of other people delivering Symposiums.

Moderate the Game Changer Intensive

You can dive deeper into the material of the Game Changer Intensive while supporting participants’ journey by becoming a volunteer moderator. Moderators play a vital role in making the Intensive come alive for people, augmenting the rich material with rich, meaningful discussions and discourse. Do so online or in-person; training and guidance are provided to ensure you excel!

Build Community

You can play a role in supporting the well-being and growth of the local community of people participating in the Up to Us engagement pathway, including hosting events and discussion groups, facilitating local meetings and communications, and developing other ideas for community growth. You may choose to become a regional leader, someone committed to building participation in the Up to Us engagement pathway in a broader geographic area. We provide tools, training and access to an online community of dedicated, seasoned regional leaders to support your efforts.

Start a Community

If an official Pachamama Alliance Community hasn’t been formed in your area, you may choose to start one by becoming a Community Coordinator. Coordinators are people committed to sharing the Pachamama Alliance’s work in their local area and are willing to act as a “host” so that others who may want to join and participate can. Ideally Coordinators are people who have been trained to lead the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium but can be anyone who has taken the Awakening the Dreamer program or the Game Changer Intensive.

Join an Intro Call

Join a Pachamama Alliance Intro Call to have your questions addressed and learn more about these opportunities, or contact us at to discuss how you can get involved.

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