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Our itineraries are thoughtfully organized and skillfully curated, making your time in Ecuador as seamless as possible and freeing you to focus fully on the experience.

[New Mexico] An Immersion in Indigenous Wisdom with Arkan Lushwala and Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) Full

Aug 24–Sep 1, 2018


Held in collaboration with ceremonial leaders, wisdom keepers, Pachamama Alliance friends and advisors, Arkan Lushwala (Andean and Lakota traditions) and Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe, Diné/Navajo) and Lakota traditions), this immersion in indigenous wisdom blends ancestral knowledge and practices from North and South America in the enchanted high desert ceremonial center of Arawaka and the powerful lands surrounding Taos, New Mexico. This experience is for people who are committed to using the teachings and practices shared in service of the Earth and humanity at this critical time.

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Earth Wisdom Immersion
[Northern California]

Oct 3-Oct 7, 2018


Drawing from contemporary and ancient Earth-based wisdom traditions, Kerry Brady, director of Ecology of Awakening, and David Tucker, director of Pachamama Journeys, weave together their years of experience in both South and North America to support an embodied experience of re-membering ourselves to the Earth and to the profound wisdom that inherently courses through each one of us. Solo time on the land, collective council, deep listening in nature, dream-work, somatic experiencing and ceremony will usher us toward discovering our deepest identity and innate belonging. In this mysterious and fertile ground, we gain access and insight into how our unique expression and gifts fit into the pressing needs of our time, we satisfy our hunger for reconnection and we embolden ourselves for the change being called for, within, and from our world.

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Amazonian Immersion the Achuar and Sápara

Oct 6–Oct 17, 2018


On this unique Pachamama Journey offered in partnership with YogaScapes, join us for an unforgettable immersion with two extraordinary and complementary cultures: the legendary Achuar, whose courageous warrior spirit is dedicated to protecting the pristine rainforest on behalf of us all, and the deeply spiritual Sápara whose commitment to the healing power of the forest and finding viable alternatives to oil exploitation has preserved their culture against all odds.

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