Participating in a Pachamama Journey is a big leap—we're here to answer your questions.

Pat Jackson

Travel Consultant

Pat markets and facilitates traveler’s participation in Pachamama’s journeys to the rainforest of Ecuador and supporting each person in realizing their personal goals for the journey.

“Working with each traveler choosing to learn more about the integral role of the rainforest in our planet’s delicate balance and the spiritual and cosmological message of the Achuar people is an opportunity to contribute to the possibility of miracles occurring. My work with Pachamama provides a joyful arena for my commitment to a thriving, just and sustainable world.”

Prior to her work with Pachamama, Pat was involved with several non-profit organizations and worked closely with Lynne Twist and Soul of Money Institute for many years.

David Tucker

Director of Pachamama Journeys

David is responsible for Pachamama Journeys, a transformational program that powerfully connects people to the Earth, their fellow humans and deepest self through direct experience with wild nature, indigenous cultures and shared group experience.

"Having facilitated Pachamama Journeys for 15 years, I’ve come to trust the Journey implicitly. The same spirit and call that came from the rainforest and through our indigenous partners nearly two decades ago, which gave rise to the Pachamama Alliance, still guides us every step of the way on the Journey. We honor that spirit, listen and tend to it, and Journeys full of magic, splendor and transformation are the outcome."

David has spent considerable time with our indigenous partners in the Amazon and Andes and has studied earth-based wisdom and practices for over 20 years. Prior to his current role, he held several positions at the Pachamama Alliance going back to 1999, including Executive Director for 7 years. David also managed a successful state senate campaign in Massachusetts, facilitated wilderness and solo experiences for at-risk youth in the Arizona desert, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America.