Rainforest Journeys

After nearly 25 years of experience and serving over 2,000 travelers, we have grown to understand this one-of-a-kind experience intimately and have refined an itinerary flow that creates the most profound impact.


Day 1:

Group convenes at charming Quito hotel in late afternoon to get connected, oriented, and acclimated before enjoying a traditional Ecuadorian dinner together.

Day 2:

Travel by chartered bus through the Avenue of the Volcanoes, experiential visit with highland indigenous group creating a seamless worldview shift to enter the rainforest with an open mind and heart.

Day 3 – 10:

Visit ancestral homelands of our Achuar and Sápara indigenous partners.

  • Arrive by chartered flight over primary rainforest
  • Attend early morning dream sharing and interpretation ceremonies
  • Experience purification rituals
  • Learn about making artisan items: ceramics, baskets, darts, headbands, etc.
  • Hike through the rainforest with our indigenous partners to understand their traditional relationship with and understanding of the forest
  • Experience shamanic ceremonies
  • Share in cultural exchanges between fellow Journeyers and indigenous communities
  • Take relaxing siestas in hammocks
  • Partake in traditional feasts of local foods
  • Swim, kayak, and float in refreshing rivers
  • Restore with time for rest, reflection, and journaling
  • Share conversations with indigenous partners and fellow travelers

Day 11 – 13:

Flight out of rainforest to ideal location in the highlands for rest, reintegration, time in nature, group completions and celebrations.

Day 14:


Itineraries may vary slightly

Your Guides

Each Journey is skillfully curated by trained leaders and expert guides on the ground.

  • Our Journey Leaders are volunteers who have experience as a Journey participant and have gone through an extensive leadership training to effectively hold a safe and dynamic space for you on your Journey.
  • Our Ecuadorian guides have been guiding for decades and are dedicated to supporting the rainforest and indigenous people. Their knowledge, understanding, trust and relationships are an invaluable part of the Journeys experience.