May was a month filled with activity in Mainland China! The commitment of three Symposium Facilitators determined to expanding the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium dramatically in China resulted in 23 new Symposium Facilitators and over 350 awakened citizens. Congratulations to Facilitators Mary Klug, William Wu and Vivian Xu for their part in making this happen!

Symposium with the Chinese Government Employees

A Symposium was presented to over 60 Chinese government officials at an event destined to create awareness around environmental issues in China. This was the first time a Symposium was presented at a governmental office and we are thrilled that employees found the Symposium so inspiring that they joined the Facilitator Training that happened five days later!

The Symposium in High Schools

The Symposium was presented in two schools in the province of Shandong to over 350 incredibly enthusiastic students. After seeing the students’ level of engagement and excitement, the school Principals shared the news of the Symposium with their respective school districts and a possibility for expanding the Symposium to more schools in Mainland China is under discussion.

Symposium Facilitator Training

There are now 23 new Symposium Facilitators in China! The purpose of the Facilitator Training is to support participants in expressing their commitment to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet by enabling them to become effective global citizens and leaders in their communities. Participants came from a variety of backgrounds, including the corporate, governmental and leadership development fields and they are already actively engaged in changing the dream of the modern world by presenting Symposiums within their communities.

Building Community

One of the most valuable take aways is the sense of community that was created during the Facilitator Training. Every one who attended the training is invested in working collectively to create the future we all want to see. And to do so, all training participants joined an online group that serves as a portal of support to anyone seeking to put on a Symposium. The Pachamama Alliance Community in Mainland China is actively posting news and planning for future Symposiums! We welcome the new Pachamama Alliance community in China!