Pachamama Alliance supported a workshop on community-based tourism planning for the Achuar Nation of Ecuador held at Kapawi Ecolodge located in the South-central Amazon region between January 22-25, 2016.

The Achuar people own and operate the Kapawi Ecolodge, a pioneering project launched over two-decades ago in the remote Amazon rainforest of Ecuador in Achuar territory. Kapawi is an important source of clean revenue and resilience for the Achuar people. This iconic project is a critical indigenous community tourism benchmark for the entire region and its success is essential to demonstrate to the Ecuadorian government and world that healthy alternatives to oil are viable.

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The workshop in January had the participation of over 50 representatives of 7 Achuar communities, key Achuar political leaders, and other indigenous stakeholders. Over the 3-day workshop important issues were discussed, including the selection of the new community tourism board in charge of overseeing the operations of Kapawi Ecolodge.

The workshop also helped develop an annual action plan to kickstart a renovation and rejuvenation of Kapawi Ecolodge, a necessary endeavor after two decades of successful operation.

Pachamama Alliance will continue supporting these important community events to strengthen the alliance with the Achuar nation while fostering continuous community coordination and collaboration. More news will come in the following weeks.

Join Our Journeys Introductory Call to Learn How You Can Visit Kapawi Ecolodge