San Diego Community Creation Day May 2015-2
The Pachamama Alliance Community Creation Day has been underway since last year when the first pilot was held in the Philadelphia area. Now, we are delighted to share that a second pilot was recently and successfully conducted in San Diego, California.

After a half-day event led by Pachamama Alliance staff and facilitators DJ King, Kalli Holmes Sorensen, and Leslie Cady on May 30th, a new core team of 12 individuals was created, and their commitment is to building a sustainable, effective and growing growing community of active citizens as a means to bringing forth a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. Not only does the Pachamama San Diego community have a core team, but also new members who are eager to stay engaged with the tools offered by the Pachamama Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway.

About Community Core Teams

Using the Up to Us engagement pathway elements (Symposium, Game Changer Intensive, Communities, Movements and Pass It On) as a vehicle for engaging and inspiring people, the Community Creation Day aims at building core teams. Core Teams are small groups of individuals who see that their greatest contribution to the world is to keep others engaged in important action to change the course of the modern world while inspiring them to be the kind of human being necessary for global transformation to happen. And it is clear that the community in San Diego is up to something that big on behalf of all life on Earth!

San Diego Community Creation Day May 2015

Support for Action through Community

During the Community Creation Day in San Diego, participants engaged in deep inquiry and reflection processes about what’s happening to our world today and “what are we all able to do when we know we won’t fail?” One of the most inspiring moments of the day was the unanimous response that as long as we feel supported and accompanied, we can’t fail. Then, the group explored practical ways to ensure that the community would remain sustainable and fulfilled. The power of working collaboratively and in community was once again seen and experienced within a Pachamama Alliance community!

The result of the event is a vibrant community who sees itself as a center for action and inspiration and who is devoted to growing a critical mass of conscious commitment in the world.

If you or your community would like to bring this pilot to your local area, please contact the Pachamama Alliance Educational Programs at