Pachamama Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway includes a critical role for sustainable communities of like-minded people who support each other in staying in action with the Up to Us pathway—and having fun along the way. We call them Pachamama Alliance Communities.

Experts in community development say that the key to a sustainable and successful community of social activists is having a “core team” of 6-12 people who are committed to the well-being and growth of the community. To support that goal, the Pachamama Alliance is developing a “Core Team Creation Day” event, where participants will explore their vision and commitment to having an active and growing Pachamama Alliance community in their area.

The first collaboration to start developing a core team was held in the greater Philadelphia area on November 17-19, 2014. Thirteen individuals were inspired to form the core team for the Delaware River Valley community. The event created a renewed sense of unity and community, and you can read Toni Granato’s blog post to experience the value that she finds in being on the core team of the Pachamama Alliance community in this area. You can also read the article about leading up to this event by Jon Symes, former Outreach Director for Pachamama Alliance, to get his perspective.