Editor’s Note: This is a special update from Pachamama Alliance Game Changer Intensive Program Manager, Mario Trigueros, who presented at the Luncheon in San Diego.

Pachamama Alliance’s 2015 Annual Luncheon Fundraiser in San Diego took place for the second year in a row on Thursday, May 21.

253 guests and supporters filled the room and we were overwhelmed by the love and gratitude that we felt from such a passionate community. I was honored to be a part of the presentation team and the following are just a few of the highlights from the day.

In the weeks since the Luncheon, the effect is still palpable here in our office in San Francisco. We continue to be blown away by the reception, enthusiasm, interest and follow-through we’ve seen from the good people of San Diego!

For the first time, the event was hosted by local supporters, Karen Soloman and Jonathan Budd.

There was a warm and lasting standing ovation as Pachamama Alliance Co-founders, Lynne and Bill Twist, took to the stage and shared the founding story of the organization. You can watch the Story of the Pachamama Alliance video below.

Bill followed with a detailed presentation of our work in Ecuador, its successes, its challenges and its future. There is so much to be proud of that due to the effective partnering with indigenous allies in the Amazon and their powerful advocacy and resistance, the areas we’ve focused our work on have had no oil development.


Lynne and I followed Bill and presented our Up to Us engagement pathway to the crowd.

The Up to Us pathway is an ecosystem of offerings meant to cultivate lifetime leaders and provide a means to stay awake, stay engaged, and stay together in community. The goal is to change the dream of the modern world, to replace the story of consumption, separation and hierarchy with one that emphasizes our interconnectedness.


The Up to Us engagement pathway includes 4 elements:

The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

Our in-person flagship 4-hour multimedia educational program awakens participants to the need for—and empowers them to bring forth—a new future for everyone and initiates the conversation of how we move forward.

The Game Changer Intensive

This 7-week online course dives deeply into the territory covered in the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and gears participants toward game-changing action in two crucial arenas: the movement to build a functioning democracy and the movement to break our addiction to fossil fuels.

Pachamama Alliance Communities

Communities are the container that hold all of the programs and what sustains participants over the long haul—a space to connect with others who share common values and commitments and where actions will have collective support.

Pachamama Alliance Movement Partners

Our movement partners provide grassroots avenues for getting engaged in key movements that can change the direction humanity is heading towards. Get involved in climate change and democracy!

Attendees of the Luncheon had an overwhelming response to enrolling in our Up to Us offerings. Many attendees were inspired to sign up to attend a Community Building day in San Diego and over 50 people signed up to take the latest Game Changer Intensive course!

We are grateful for our wonderful San Diego community and look forward to a homecoming at next year’s Luncheon. Enjoy these images from the event—and if you attended the event, relive the magic!