Pachamama Alliance has joined the American Bike Challenge, a two-week event from September 21 to October 5, 2015 to encourage folks to get active and raise money for the charity of their choice.

Funds raised through the American Bike Challenge will be used to support our indigenous partners in Ecuador in protecting their land from oil development. They are entering a new phase of a campaign to ensure that their land won’t be auctioned off to international oil companies for future development. They are insisting that they be consulted about policies affecting their territories, as is enshrined in Ecuador’s Constitution. Our funding involves legal rights training, workshops on collective rights, funding assemblies for them to meet to plan their approach, and more.

How It Works

How It Works 2

Step 1:

Sign up to ride your bike for Pachamama Alliance and help us raise money on our team page on FitRaise. You will need to set up an account on FitRaise first.

Step 2:

Reach out to your friends and family for pledges per mile you ride.

Step 3:

Ride your bike between September 21 and Oct 5 and record your miles using the FitRaise app.

Join the American Bike Challenege