This month, inspired by by summer’s bountiful produce, we asked you to show us what you’re cultivating in your gardens at home or within your community. We weren’t just interested in what your plants produced, but also the skills, knowledge and friendships that are cultivated when working in your garden.

We received many inspiring submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated this month! We can’t wait to see what you offer up for our next photo of the month.

June’s Selected Photo

“As I have no real garden, I was creating on my balcony a beautiful garden with vegetables, herbs, flowers and … of course tobacco, as I learned from Arkan Lushwala to use it a lot in ceremonies because Pachamama loves it :-). I used for the seeds and also for the plants now recycled material – the tomato for instance are growing now in buckets of yoghurt from a Restaurant. I try always to recycle and not to buy new plastic. Greetings from my heart from the mountains of the Alps on the boarder between Italy, Switzerland and Austria.” -Angelika Gander

More Photo Contributions

“A decorative salad foraged from the garden…” – Yoga Retreats La Gomera

“I cut down on food costs by growing vegetables in my garden. When I cook with food from my garden it gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment – I made this food happen with my own hands and hard work! And it tastes amazing!” -Morgan Johnson

“It is amazing to watch broccoli grow out of the ground – a vegetable we often buy in plastic bags, already cut into individual florets for ease. Who knew it looked so bizarre, standing upright and surrounded by large, beautiful leaves!”

“My garden is made up of plants that were gifts. Some were once admired in a friend’s garden. Some were being pulled out for a new patio. A few were inherited in a friend’s move. Somehow, all of these plants all get along in my garden. While I am in my garden I am never lonely- I am always surrounded by my friends.” – Juliette Wallen

Next Month’s Theme is: “Success”

Now that we are half-way through 2013, many of us are re-visiting our goals for the year, and re-assessing what success will look like to us.

For July, we ask you to send us photos that represent success and fulfillment in a holistic way – for you, the planet and others around you.
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