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On March 31, 2015 the Sápara ecotourism project, Naku, was officially launched for the Ecuadorian audience. The event was held in the Ocho y Medio Cinema in Quito, in an auditorium that exceeded its capacity because of the great public acceptance of the event.

More than 100 people were witnesses of the launching of this Sápara initiative, created to preserve the ancestral knowledge of this indigenous group. The Naku project, implemented in the Llanchamacocha community, was presented as a unique opportunity for physical and spiritual healing, based on Sápara’s ancestral knowledge of plants and dreams interpretation.

The event was attended by people of the Sápara Nation, living in the community Llanchamacocha, where Naku is located, who presented their experience of Dreams and Healing. In addition, a documentary film and a promotional video of Naku, conducted by FX productions, took the audience for a few minutes to the Amazon rainforest inhabited by Sápara s and showed them the Naku experience.

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