Neal Rogin, Pachamama Alliance Board member, was honored with the Sedona Film Festival Green Filmmaker Award . The Film Festival award plaque stated, “This award is meant to highlight and honor creators of film and media that are not only beautifully rendered but also promote a more just and sustainable world. Your media and film work through LIVE AID, the Universe Story, and Pachamama Alliance presents an inspired example of filmmaking gifts and passion for building community with messages that inspire action.” Neal is a multi-award winning writer and filmmaker whose work has reached millions of people around the world. He has created all of the core films of the Pachamama Alliance, such as A New Dream and The Eagle and Condor.

In addition to his work for Pachamama, Neal scripted a film for rock legend Sting and his Rainforest Foundation. The film, entitled “Burning Down Tomorrow,” was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary Short Subject. He received a National Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for “Spaceship Earth,” a half-hour television special that aired on the Disney Channel.