Something has emerged out of our Game Changer Intensive Online Course that wasn’t anticipated: community. In hindsight, it makes sense that after 7 weeks of exploring what it means personally and politically to be an effective pro-activist in the world, participants would cultivate a desire to keep their engagement alive by staying in community!

Participants Eager to Build Community

After every course ends, participants ask how they can stay in touch or broaden their groups, and we’ve done our best to support them on a one-on-one basis. But now, beginning with the May Game Changer Intensive, we will encourage participants to take the course with a small group of people in their local area so that when the course ends, they will be able to stay in action with their community.

Communities Born in Cleveland and Tuscon

This has already happened in Cleveland, Ohio and in Tucson, Arizona and now we want to help it happen in your community. The Game Changer Intensive is an incredible tool for galvanizing and regrouping a community. Can you find a place for 5-12 people to gather once a week? A living room? Community hall? Or simply meeting with people on a weekly call knowing you’re within 50 miles of each other can be just what your community needs.

Contact Us to Organize

Taking the Game Changer Intensive with people in your local area is an excellent way of enriching your experience in the Intensive and expanding your community. We can offer support in recruiting and managing a local group from beginning to end. Interested? Email Roger Knoren.