Image credit: Amazon Watch

Today, Pachamama Alliance along with other environmental and human rights organizations sent a letter organized by environmental group, Amazon Watch, calling upon the Commonwealth Club—the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum—to rescind its 2015 “Distinguished Citizen Award” for Chevron CEO John Watson due to Chevron’s deliberate and reckless acts of environmental destruction. The award is scheduled to be presented on April 2, 2015.

From the letter:

“In Ecuador specifically, Chevron’s utter abuse of the pristine rainforest environment – which includes the dumping of billions of gallons of oil waste into the waterways relied on by local inhabitants for their sustenance – has been verified by multiple independent media reports, academic studies, and witness testimonies. It also has been affirmed by three layers of courts in Chevron’s chosen forum of Ecuador, including the country’s Supreme Court which found the company liable for $9.5 billion of clean-up costs in a unanimous decision issued in 2013.

The award of the Commonwealth Club is supposed to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the global community. Mr. Watson does not come close to living up to that ideal.”

Please contact Commonwealth Club President and CEO, Dr. Gloria Duffy, and politely ask that the Commonwealth Club rescind their “Distinguished Citizen Award” to Chevron CEO, John Watson:

President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gloria C. Duffy
Phone: (415) 597-6721 / (415) 597-6729 Main number

You can read Amazon Watch’s press release and view the full letter here.