Passion, commitment, togetherness and fun describe the Pachamama Alliance community in Mexico perfectly. With over 150 Facilitators all around Mexico, this community has a central core team joyfully working on discovering ways to keep its members engaged and working collaboratively to address the issues that keep our world from becoming just, sustainable and fulfilling. To do so, they have organized monthly meetings, created partnerships with other organizations and with the Mexican government, and organized the next Facilitator Training.

Monthly Community Member Gatherings

The first monthly community gathering was held in Cuautla, Mexico and participants had a chance to engage in spiritual practices that guided their discussions over this 2-day event. At the central office in San Francisco, we are moved by what Pachamama Alliance communities are making possible in the world, and feel particularly touched to find out that the core team in Mexico is considering creating a Pachamama Alliance community in Ciudad Juarez, a city deeply impacted by issues of social injustice such as violence against girls and women.

Rights of Nature

The Pachamama Alliance community in Mexico is in close conversation with government officials and partner organizations such to plan an International Rights of Nature Forum in 2016. The event is intended to emphasize and expand the holistic vision that all life and ecosystems are deeply intertwined, and that Nature, just like humans do, has rights. We will be reporting on the progress of these projects in future newsletters.

Upcoming Events

The next Facilitator Training in Mexico will be held on June 13th and 14th.
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