Celebrating Three Years of Partnership

It has been three years since Pachamama Alliance began a partnership with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and the results are staggering! Together we have brought the message of creating a just, sustainable and fulfilling future for all to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Cameroon, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, United States, and Zambia.

For over 70 years, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) has been dedicated to fostering the well being of the entire human family by promoting practices that support the spiritual awakening and actions necessary to create positive change in all levels of society. There are currently more than 825,000 BKWSU students seeking to strengthen their ability to improve their contribution to society through spiritual education and reflective practices.


Working Together in Latin America

In recent months, our partnership has taken important steps in Latin America where both Pachamama Alliance and Brahma Kumaris communities are working closely together to raise continental awareness about the connection between social, environmental, and spiritual issues.


In November 2014, the Pachamama Alliance Community in Colombia and the Brahma Kumaris center in Bogota presented the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium to a group of 30 guests. This was a specially important event as guest Juan Vasquez Milling, Brahma Kumaris coordinator in Canada was inspired to bring this work to his center in Canada.


In Mexico, both communities joined to host a three-day retreat where the message of the Symposium was combined with the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris and other civil society organizations. The retreat was especially aimed at young people who became inspired and committed to being key players in creating a sustainable world. Several Symposium Facilitators in Mexico are members of both Pachamama Alliance and Brahma Kumaris communities.


In Peru, a Symposium was organized jointly by the local community of Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators, Pachamama Corazón, and the local Brahma Kumaris center. Aracelli Gamarra, Pachamama Alliance country leader, was invited to attend the World Meeting at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in India in late February to deepen her connection to the philosophy of the Brahma Kumaris—strengthening the relationship between the two organizations.



In Argentina, the two organizations partnered to deliver the first Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in the country. Despite the technical challenges the team faced, the experience was “one of a kind, and it felt as if something much larger than ourselves was happening through us”, expressed Pachamama Alliance Regional Leader Juana Pereyra. The Pachamama Alliance community in Argentina is thrilled to have found another partner to collaborate and host regular Symposiums with.

The combined reach of these two global networks is staggering, with teams of committed volunteers in over 120 countries covering more than 90% of the world’s population!

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