Last summer, our dear Pachamama Alliance friend, Nicole DeVito, made her camera smile during a visit to an Achuar family home.

The Pachamama Journey group she traveled with had been invited to a soccer match with the young men of the community of Tiinkias. The occasion gave everyone the opportunity to experience how simply yet masterfully the equilibrium of life is maintained in the Amazon, despite the imminent threats oil development has landed upon the land and way of life of the peoples that inhabit the tropical rainforest in Ecuador.

Beyond the enormous biodiversity compromise, and the climate change risk drilling in the Amazon entails, these pictures show you the real human face and cultural wealth at stake.

Achuar Man and Child
Achuar Woman Preparing Chica
Life at an Achuar Home
Guayusa: Achuar Morning Ritual
Young Achuar Women
Achuar Man Drinking Chica

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