Sápara Leader Manari Ushigua at our Annual Luncheon testifying to the power of our partnership to preserve the rainforest.

For nearly two decades we’ve worked in solidarity with indigenous organizations.

As you know, Pachamama Alliance has worked for nearly two decades in solidarity with the indigenous organizations of Ecuador’s Southern Amazon region to defend their rights and their territorial homes: the Achuar, Shuar, Kichwa, Sápara, and Shiwiar. Millions of acres of pristine rainforest have been protected from oil development. But all that changed in late 2013, when nearly 100% of this territory was designated to be auctioned off to oil companies.

Now more than ever, our unique approach to advocacy is needed to support our indigenous partners in holding the line to protect their territories from oil and other extractive industries.

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We’ve provided support for indigenous leaders to collectively organize.

We provide a wide variety of organizational and structural support that the indigenous people need to mobilize and organize effectively against the threat of oil development. An essential aspect of this work is supporting indigenous assemblies.

Historically, indigenous nations held an annual assembly of four or five days duration to discuss and make decisions about the various issues they were facing. Topics could include internal conflicts, their education system, and always how to preserve and protect their lands and cultures.

With increased pressure to open their lands for development, annual meetings are no longer frequent enough. The Ecuadorian government and oil companies can fly into rainforest communities by helicopter, with no warning or consent. To respond effectively, indigenous leaders need to be able to mobilize quickly and more often than in the past.

We were there when Sarayaku needed to respond quickly to protect their territory.

This past year, an undercover team of surveyors from the Ecuadorian government showed up in a remote community in the Sarayaku region. When it was discovered that they were there to plan seismic testing—which involves the use of explosives underground—leaders from Sarayaku were able to quickly organize a series of meetings and workshops to develop a common strategy to prevent seismic testing in their territory.

Indigenous leaders need your support to mobilize in response to threats like these.

plane assemblies - yef ask
It is essential for indigenous leaders and community representatives to attend these meetings. Meetings are typically held in a central location yet still it could take members from surrounding communities 3-4 days walking to attend.

Pachamama Alliance’s financial support provides flights in small planes for those who would not be able to make it in time otherwise. We currently fund and support approximately 30 special assemblies and workshops in addition to larger assemblies each year.

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In addition to assemblies for indigenous leaders, Pachamama Alliance also directly funds:

  • Workshops and trainings on individual and collective rights
  • Research and consultation to build legal cases in defense of the territory
  • Rent, electricity, phone, internet and other administrative services for indigenous governing organizations
  • Food and supplies for assemblies and workshops

Through the generous donations of our supporters, Pachamama Alliance is grateful to be able to continue to provide the financial support needed so that indigenous nationalities of the Amazon basin can fulfill their right to self-determination.

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