Photo credit: Mike Reicht
Last month after the devastating earthquake in Ecuador, we launched an Ecuador Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund to support on-the-ground relief efforts. Thanks to the support of hundreds of generous donors, we have raised over $52,000! Those funds have been sent to Ecuador and are being put to use.

In addition to supplying essential goods like water, food, and clothing, our Ecuador Program director, Belén Páez, and the team on the ground have been working in collaboration with volunteers and organizations to provide support to affected communities.

Contributions have made it possible for:

  • Construction of over 300 temporary houses
  • Purchase of 500 water filters
  • Establishing systems of public safety in a number of communities to assist vulnerable populations in times of chaos
  • Support to approximately 500 people suffering from psychological trauma
  • Construction of 20 dry latrines and composting systems
  • Training for over 200 women in how to set up emergency local food production systems while the country rebuilds
  • Training for over 200 men in bamboo construction to build temporary housing

We expect to support around 600 families through these collective actions.

We are so grateful for the generous support of donors to the Ecuador Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund that has helped to make these efforts possible. As Ecuador rebuilds, there are going to be long-term needs for recovery and reconstruction and as we find specific ways that people who are interested can participate we will share that also.

The Ecuador Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund is still active! Chip in now to send water, food, clothing, temporary shelter and medical care to Ecuadorians in need.