At age 12, Roberto trained in Mexico to be a Symposium Facilitator in November 2014, and by January 2015, Roberto traveled to Peru to assist in the first ever Facilitator Training in Lima. Although he was recently trained to be a Facilitator, Roberto co-led his first Symposium in 2012 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

“For me, to be a Facilitator is an opportunity to learn and share about the problems and the benefits of our world today. I also love meeting new people, all from different backgrounds, faiths and philosophies. Moreover, I feel that I am learning more about myself and about my planet.”
– Roberto Friend

Roberto is the son of Erik Friend—a leader from the Ibero American Regional Group who has trained over 200 Facilitators in Mexico. Roberto’s enthusiasm, innocence and wisdom are inspiring the entire region! Congratulations Roberto!