Cultivate Your Guests

Resources to share with your guests to introduce them to our work and inspire them.

1. Invite Your Guests

These two resources make it easy for you to email an invite to potential guests.

Email invitation for your guests

Use this email to contact your guests and invite them to join you.

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Flier for your guests

You can download and then attach this flier to an email invitation.

Download PDF

Download PNG

2. Prepare Your Guests

The more your guests know about us, the more they will enjoy the event!

Educate your guests about the history & purpose of Pachamama Alliance

This email contains a series of links that will invite your guest to watch a video, read a story, and participate in our Awakening the Dreamer Online Course so that they can get the most out of the event. It also gently reminds guests to confirm that they are still planning on joining you at the Luncheon.

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3. Provide event logistics and instructions

Send your guests this email 48 hours before

This email contains all the information your guests need to find their way to the event on time and happy.

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