Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Table Captains.

What is a Table Captain?

A Table Captain is the organizing force around which a table revolves; the connection you have to our work is the thread that you extend to each of the guests you invite to your table. Through you, we fill our event with a community of people who are not only open to learning about Pachamama Alliance’s work but also open to becoming financial partners as Pachamama Alliance continues its work to create a thriving, just, and sustainable human presence on this planet. Table Captains invite guests and prepare them for the event by sharing information about Pachamama Alliance through their personal experience and resources we provide.

What does it take to be a great Table Captain?

Be yourself. Your reasons for being in a deep relationship with the Pachamama Alliance are the stories that will ultimately interest and inspire your potential guests. Your commitment to this work is evident in your stepping forward as a Table Captain, and you may find the invitation process a great opportunity to share your passion with others. The additional resources provided here will help you on this journey, and Table Captain Coordinator Claudia Sandoval is another great resource to support you during the invitation process.

Where and when is the Luncheon?

The Luncheon will be held at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in New York City on Thursday, November 1st from 12 noon to 1:30 pm ET.

The Luncheon starts promptly at 12 noon*, so please have your guests arrive early to go pick up their name tags and find your table. It is our commitment to start and end on time.

*Table Captains are expected to arrive at 11am the day of the event.

What about parking?

For detailed directions and parking instructions please read this.

How many seats are at each table and how many people should I invite?

There are 10 seats at each table. We encourage Table Captains to confirm 10-12 guests to take into account no-shows, which we recognize is an inevitable part of the process for a free event in the middle of the day with a fundraising request. Our experience is that if you invite and confirm 12 people, you will end up with the right amount at your table.

What happens if all 12 of my guests show up?

In the case that all 12 of your confirmed guests show up to the event, we will find them a seat at a nearby table. The overflow tables have seasoned Pachamama Alliance people at them to welcome your guests and ensure they have a fulfilling experience. Trust us, this will work out fine, and your guests will enjoy the event and make new friends.

What happens if I can’t fill my table?

In the event that you can’t fill your table, don’t panic. If you are concerned that you may not be able to fill your table, or an entire additional table, please contact Claudia Sandoval at or at (415)-561-4522 x125 as she can help fill any leftover seats at your table by reaching out to those who wish to attend but may not have a relationship with a Table Captain.

What do I do if I have filled up my table and need another?

If you have more than 12 guests confirmed and you need another table, please contact Claudia Sandoval at or +1 415 561 4522 x125. If you do not think you can fill another table of 10 but have some overflow guests, please reach out to Claudia to discuss different options.

What is the cost of attending the Luncheon?

The Luncheon is a free event, and it is a fundraiser. If you have been before, you know that we create an inspiring invitation to invest in this work. This is our biggest fundraising effort of the year, and many resources are put into creating the event, so we do ask that the people you invite are open to making a contribution if they are so moved.

When should I start inviting my guests?

Start now! Many people plan their schedule at least six weeks out, so please don’t delay in starting to ask, even if it is just an invitation to “Save the Date.” Remember, a personal email, phone call, or a face-to-face conversation go a long way towards creating a full table of engaged guests. The best invitation is one that comes naturally from your personal relationship with your invitee. The deadline to have all of your guests confirmed and entered into the registration website is October 30th, so please plan accordingly.

Get started by using the invitation and email templates.

How and when do I register my guests?

Our Guest Registration Site is secure and easy to use. You may start entering your guests’ information into it now; guests can be added and removed easily. Please have all of your guests’ information entered into the website by October 30th, regardless of the fullness of your table(s).

We are asking you to re-confirm with your guests the week before the event, as well as a final reminder a few days before the event. Please see the Timeline for other important dates.

How do I cultivate my guests?

Start with talking to your guests about your relationship with the Pachamama Alliance and share with them what got you involved and why you are committed to our work. Your personal, heartfelt story will inspire them more than anything else!

On this website, we have provided you with resources to share with your guests throughout the invitation and cultivation process. If you need any support in how to talk with your guests about the Pachamama Alliance, please do not hesitate to contact Claudia Sandoval at Of course, you may also use our general website as an informational resource.

What if I am asked questions about the Pachamama Alliance and I don’t know the answers?

Not to worry! It is totally fine and only natural that you don’t have all the answers. What matters is that you invite people from your heart, not that you know all the facts about our work. That said, those answers can be helpful, so be sure to send them to our website, where they can find more information about our work including a short film about the origins of the Pachamama Alliance. For more information on our Educational Programs, visit and please familiarize yourself with these valuable resources as well.

What if it is difficult for me to ask people to donate?

The best part of this process is that YOU don’t have to ask people to donate. World-renowned fundraiser, inspirational speaker, and Pachamama Alliance co-founder Lynne Twist will create that invitation. What we are asking of you is to bring guests who are open to hearing our call to reallocate their resources to work that seeks the flourishing of all life.