Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Hilary Giovale

Hilary Giovale

As a Facilitator, I am Committed to

  • Community Coordinator
  • Symposium Presenter
  • Symposium Host
  • Symposium Producer

I am a Master Teacher and Director of a Tribal Bellydance performance troupe.  This artform represents one of the many elements of the emerging meta-story.  Tribal Style Bellydance is a unique artistic movement that has been developing over the last 30 years.  It celebrates women of all ages, body types, and phases of life.  This style of dance awakens the inate beauty in each woman, creates connection and trust, and is collaborative and intuitive.  One of the reasons this dance inspires me is its ability to empower the feminine energy that is needed now to bring forth a new dream, using fully embodied methodologies that go beyond the intellect.  It awakens long-forgotten capacities we have as women.

I am also a mother who actively engages my family in creating a life that is simple, inspired, and joyful.  I am a dedicated home cook, using food from our local CSA to nourish my family locally and sustainably.  I strive to create a family environment that empowers my children to be conscious about their feelings, choices, and needs vs. wants.  As a family, we regularly volunteer and connect with the natural world.  When my children come online as adults I hope for them to be fully engaged and empowered global citizens ready to bring creativity and inspiration to their work.

I am a passionate supporter of Bioneers and the Pachamama Alliance.  For me, these two organizations represent a critically powerful movement creating a tipping point that will shift consciousness toward a socially just, spiritually fulfilled, and environmentally sustainable human presence on the planet.  In being involved with Bioneers and the Pachamama Alliance, I have become aware of some of the blind spots I had regarding race and privilege.  Working with them has given me opportunities for blessed unrest and personal growth that are beyond anything I could have imagined.  I feel incredibly blessed to be involved and included in this work.

I co-facilitate symposiums with my beloved sister-in-law Lainie Johnstone.  We look forward to creating more energy and events around the emerging paradigm in our community and beyond.

I've been a Facilitator since 2013. I have delivered 4 events with a total of 18 attendees.

Why I'm a Pachamama Alliance Facilitator

This time is showing up for me as a time of connection, of circles connecting to other circles, and increasingly interconnected networks.  I'm a facilitator because I want to be a connector in our networks, and to help people (including myself) stay awake.  Though I have taken the symposium twice and delivered it twice, I continue to hear new things each time and remember things that are so easy to forget in our culture.  I'm inspired by seeing different people from different walks of life come together through the uniting message of the symposium.

Events I've hosted as a facilitator:

  • I hosted a Symposium in on April 25, 2014
  • I hosted a Symposium in Flagstaff on July 20, 2013
  • I hosted a Symposium in Flagstaff on July 20, 2013
  • I hosted a Symposium in Flagstaff on April 6, 2013

If I could change the world

If I could change one thing in the world, it would be to have the world wake up to the power, unconditional love, and incredible capacity of women.  I would cause a tipping point so that everyone sees the necessity of having women be full participants in all areas of life.  When women in all cultures are fully honored, empowered, heard, valued, and cared for the world will come into balance.

This is who inspires me

Lynne Twist inspires me.  Her lifetime of commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability, ending hunger, friends, family, connection, generosity, and positivity makes my heart sing.  Lynne's big vision resonates with me, and the work she has done on the ground to make that vision a reality is breathtaking.  Lynne is an important mentor in my life and her way of seeing the world has altered my reality forever.

Experiences I'm proud of

I'm proud of my interdisciplinary master's degree.  It is a degree in Sustainable Communities, and I was able write my thesis on Tribal Bellydance and young women's body image.  This degree helped me deeply understand how all the issues of sustainability are interrelated.  Culture, environment, spirituality, inherited privilege and oppression, justice, food, story, indigenous perspectives, and women (to name a few) are all critical and must evolve together to change the dream.

What I'm passionate about

I am intuitively drawn to work toward a thriving, just and sustainable world because it feels as if all life on our planet depends on this work being done.  My desire and destiny are to be part of this time as fully as I can.  In doing this work I'm awakening, evolving, and expanding more than I ever imagined, and I am grateful to have it as my assignment in this life.