Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Tanja Earthfirst

Tanja Earthfirst
  • Location: Western Australia, Australia
  • Primary Language: English
  • Facilitator Since: 2014

Hi, I Have been involved in Environmental & Social justice issues for over 20yrs. My early days were grass root front line Logging of Old Growth Forests & Indgeniuos Rights issues. in the process of been a single mum and raising 3 amazing children, i had been working in the Social Welfare Sector. 3yrs running and coordinating our local Community Youth Center and then facilitating and coordinating an Indigenous Mum's and kids program. covering a variety of issues & topic's inregards to the Indigenous People's of Australia. my main area of work was in the Drug & Alochol sector. i worked for non government through out that time. Over the last few years it became aparent to me that ethically i could not work with in these frame works or systems as i feel they represented the people less an less. The game is rigged. After much thought i decided to follow my intuition and find new postive pathways forward. Scince then i have started a NGO Humanitarian Foundation called "The People's Ripple Foundation" ~ Peoples Collective For Positive Change ~ Locally & Globally. i also created YangSama Design ~ Ethical Fair Trade funky clothing and jewellry collections ~ Sharing & Nurturing Opport-Unity which sits with in the foundation . The foundation creates a varity of plateforms to create awarenes around Environmental & Social issues that are effecting our Local & Global communities. hence forth been able to join with Pachamama Aliance and spread the message that we can have thriving  living just communities  that supports a living Earth. it is possible. We The People can change the story. Namaste Tanja ~*)O(*~  have also completed the Game Changer Intensive & live in Western Australia.

I've been a Facilitator since 2014.

Events I've hosted as a facilitator:

  • I hosted a Local Community Group Event in Denmark on June 18, 2016

If I could change the world

for me ,the one thing ,is a really big thing, but it's all connected to the root problems we are facing now,  and that would be to get rid of the Governments, banking systems & corporations the corrupt systems that are tring to control & enslave us on so many levels. we the people and mother earth have a right to thrive and florish.

Experiences I'm proud of

Raising my 3 children on my own and creating The People's Ripple Foundation & YangSama Designs Ethical Fair trade ~ moving forward with positive pathways

What I'm passionate about

life ~ life of all sorts & diversity ~ developing my skills as an evolutionist