Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Annette Grant

Annette Grant
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
  • Primary Language: English

As a Facilitator, I am Committed to

  • Media Generator
  • Community Coordinator

I am a diverse activist with a wide range of experience.  I believe, that we all share in the responsibility for the upkeep and care of our planet and that we all have something good to contribute to the bringing forth a healthy, thriving, just and sustainable world.  I also support green technology.  Which is any thing which can help stear us away from the use of coal, gas, or other resources that our current world is using and quickly depleting,  to the detriment of our great planet.

I am currently working to help build a worldwide connectedness of Indigenous Peoples and others.  Part of this effort, is in my joining forces with the Pachamama Alliance, as an Online Engagement Coordinator to continue working on a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all.

Why I'm a Pachamama Alliance Facilitator

I have not yet held my first event.  But I am committed to bring people together and make them aware of issues.  More to follow ...

If I could change the world

If I could change one thing in the world it would be the current materialistic world view that seems to pervade most of our societies on planet "Earth."  Today, there is an over-consumption of natural resources in many parts of the world all in the name of commerce (greed) and progress for the few, against the many, which leads to wasted food, wasted forests, wasted water, which has led to wasted lands and problems for us as humans, our animal kingdoms and other plant and wildlife.  We cannot let this "mindset" continue, if we want a better life for our children, grandchildren and the all future generations of our planet.

Experiences I'm proud of

One of the things that I am most proud of, is my family and that they are also finding, exploring and inventing "Green" technologies to better shape our planet with less harm to all.  It is a wonderful and exciting feeling, also, to know that my children are working on things to help bring us together in our work for a thriving, just and sustainable world.

What I'm passionate about

I am passionate about connecting Indigenous Peoples with others, on social issues, civil issues, water conservation, and other environmental issues, as it takes the efforts of everyone, to create a more sustainable world.  This is not a world that belongs only to the wealthy, however, they could help bring about changes for good much quicker,  if they too, had a change of "heart."  We all have an equal part in making a better world for all.