Pachamama Alliance holds annual gatherings for supporters, allies, donors, activists, and people new to this conversation to come together in their shared commitment to bringing forth a thriving, just and sustainable human presence on our planet.

Watch a short video highlighting the experience of our 2014 San Francisco Luncheon. We also compiled a list of highlights of the most memorable moments.

Be Inspired, Get Engaged

Luncheons are transformational experiences. They are opportunities to connect and realize that you have allies in your backyard, across the globe and in the heart of the Amazon— all standing together in service of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

There are several options for participating:

Do you love to get other people engaged and involved with causes you feel passionate about? Great! The Luncheons, which are free to attend, are completely filled by volunteers. These Table Captains commit to filling the seats of this event by inviting their family, friends, and coworkers to become conscious investors and partners in our work.

As a Table Captain, you will have the added pleasure of:

  • Creating an opportunity for your guests to be inspired by putting their resources behind their highest commitments and re-allocating their resources towards a brighter future.
  • Empowering yourself by introducing 10 of your family members, friends, or colleagues to this transformative work and community, which you are passionate about supporting.
  • Broadening your network of like-minded people as well as re-connecting with Pachamama Alliance supporters who you haven't seen in some time.

You are the greatest asset of the Pachamama Alliance—an awake, compassionate individual, committed to creating a new future for our human family. Being a Table Captain is an easy way to quickly accelerate the spread of this work.

If you are interested in learning more about this fabulous experience, or are ready to host a table, contact Pat Usner: +1 415 561 4522 x103 or

Want to share your skills, meet other like-minded people, and learn firsthand what goes into producing a world-class event? Hundreds of volunteers help produce our Annual Luncheons, ensuring that we maximize the amount of funds that can go directly to our work in the Amazon and around the world.

It literally takes a Pacha-village to put on these events, so bring your commitment, your brawn, your energy to setting the stage for others to open themselves to this work.

To sign-up as a volunteer, contact Lindsay Dyson at +1 415 561 4522 x101 or

If you aren't quite ready to host a table and haven't yet been invited by a Table Captain, you can still attend. Each year we have a limited number of individual seats available at each Luncheon. If you are just getting your toes wet for the first, or you are a seasoned participant, this is a great way to get in the action — come alone or bring a friend.

To reserve a seat, call +1 415 561 4522 or send and email to:

If you are unable to attend a live Luncheon, you can still participate. Each year we stream the San Francisco Luncheon. Sign up for our email updates to receive more details as this year's San Francisco Luncheon approaches.

About Our Luncheons

For our community at-large, these annual updates and fundraisers provide the space for each person to be nourished by the community and the opportunity for each of us to further align our time, energy, connections, and financial resources with our vision for the world.

Pachamama Alliance co-founders and staff — along with special guests that have included Paul Hawken, Joanna Macy, Van Jones and our indigenous allies — host Luncheons for our community.

For 90-minutes, attendees have the opportunity to share a meal with other like-minded members of the global community, be inspired by the work of the Pachamama Alliance, and learn what can be each of our roles in having our dreams and visions for the world fulfilled.


Extraordinary Results

The San Francisco Luncheon, our flagship event and biggest homecoming, brings together over 1500 people in person and another 1500 online, serving as our biggest fundraiser of the year.

With growing communities across the country and around the world, we have expanded to have a Luncheon for 250 people in New York City, 2014 marks our third year, and we had our inaugural Luncheon in San Diego for 250 people in spring of 2014. Based on community demand, we anticipate adding Luncheons in Boulder, Santa Barbara, Minneapolis, and beyond.

The Luncheons serve as incredible examples of how collectively we can intentionally reallocate our resources to build a world that aligns with our values. Participants see that their investments — no matter how large or small — make a difference.

After attending a Luncheon, people are empowered knowing that they are preserving one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet and that they are awakening individuals to get into collective social action to bring about a world that works for everyone where no one and nothing is left out.

2015 Luncheon Sponsors

Thank you to our generous partners who provide the financial and in-kind support that makes our Luncheon possible. Email to become a Luncheon sponsor.