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Pachamama Journeys

Journey with us deep into Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, where people still embody our inherent interconnectedness, and reconnect with everything that makes life meaningful and magical.

The Journey of a Lifetime To Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest and High Andes

Amid the rush of the modern world, we can lose sight of the mysterious and essential interconnectedness we share with the earth and all of life.

Deep in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, there is a place where people still embody this reality. Journey with us to this place and reconnect with everything that makes life meaningful and magical.

Thoughtfully designed and informed by over 15 years of experience in the region, each Pachamama Journey is a potent opportunity for exploring your own heart, mind, body, soul, humanity, and unique contribution to the world through experiential learning.

The Achuar Invite You

We journey at the invitation of the Achuar people of Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, one of the most remote and intact indigenous cultures on the planet.

The Achuar invite us to directly experience their lands, knowledge, and wisdom, and to stand with them as allies for the protection of their ancient culture and pristine rainforest.

Awaken New Possibilities

Each of us has unique gifts that are indispensable to the success of humanity at this time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity.

You’ll return from your Journey with greater awareness of these very gifts and how to use them to make a difference, having been freshly recalibrated to the rhythms of the natural world

Discover What You’ll Experience On A Journey