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About Pachamama Alliance


Our accomplishments include a significant expansion of our educational programs as a pathway to social action for people, and the strengthening of indigenous rights in the face of new threats to their land.

2013 in South America

As the Ecuadorean government continues with its plans to open up to oil development millions of acres of pristine Amazon rainforest that are home to seven indigenous nations, the success of our Ecuadorean partnerships in forwarding an alternative development model based on well being, human rights, and the Rights of Nature has become more crucial than ever.

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2013 Around The World

The world has changed since the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium debuted in 2005, and the need for conscious, committed change agents is more urgent than ever. In 2013 we designed and piloted a brand new transformational pathway to social action for people after they have taken a Symposium – called Up to Us.

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