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Pachamama Journeys

What You Will Experience

By engaging you as a whole person - heart, mind, body, and soul - Pachamama Journeys create an unforgettable experience that will inspire you for a lifetime.

A Soul-Stirring Experience

Pachamama Journeys are purposeful immersions that go beyond conventional eco-tourism and adventure travel, inviting you into deep relationship with the people and lands we visit through a community based tourism experience.
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An Immersion with Our Indigenous Partners

We travel at the invitation of the Achuar people, who ask allies in the modern world to visit and learn about the their rainforest, culture, and worldview, and to carry their message home.
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Visiting Ecuador’s Amazon and Andes

Each stop on a Journey is an opportunity for experiential learning and brings fresh appreciation of Ecuador’s immense geographical, biological, and cultural diversity, and the sense of creative possibility that pervades the country.
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Photo Gallery

Every Journey offers countless photo opportunities, whether you choose to capture a smoking volcano, breathtaking sunset, or the smile of a new friend. Here, a gallery of our favorites.
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